Institutional Distinctivenes


· The mission of our Institution is to prepare students to be value conscious with the right attitude for a healthy society. Proper ethics is taught to students through various programs 

· Each day begins with the Assembly and the Daily Prayer. Hymns from the veda are recited everyday which improves the concentration power. This is followed by the National Anthem. 

· “Samskruthi” is a program to inculcate the moral values and introduce Indian Culture to the students through talks, discourses, and Gamakas.

· The “Art Appreciation Club” started two decades ago, organises events to introduce students to various art forms through lecture and demo-sessions. This program has motivated some of our students to pursue their career in various forms of art and literature. 

· “Personality Development Program (PDP)” is a three day residential camp for selected students. Experts in communication skills, Human Resource Management, Team Building and other life skills engage students in the training sessions. It is the opinion of the students that this program has boosted their confidence level and paved a path to handle life with the right attitude

· The “Students’ Association” : The student volunteers under the association organise all the programmes of the college . This hons their event management skills.  “National Service Scheme” - the activities under NSS trains the students towards building right social values and National Consciousness.

· “Business Lab and Skill Development centre”- It gives practical training in the subjects studied during the course. 

· “Industrial Visits”- these visits expose the students to the world outside college. It teaches them the working environment in industries.

· Student Research Projects - These projects inculcate research attitude in students. “Anveshana”- an Interclass Competition to improve research aptitude. Every year one topic is selected and different sub-topics are given to each class. The students collect information from various sources and present them in the form of power point presentation, models, charts, skit, role play etc. The topic during 2018-19 was Forts of India. 

· “Kaladarshini”- interclass cultural competition to showcase and encourage dance, drama and other art forms. Every year one topic is given to all the students. Each class has to present the topic in any art forms. The time allotted for the event is one hour per class. The topic during 2018-19 was the Growth Of Indian Cinema. This competition is the most coveted event of the college. 

· “Food Fest”- to exhibit culinary talent of the students